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April 22, 2012   •  Category: Events, House, Interviews, videos0 Comments

Are House fans in for an epic bait-and-switch with regard to the show’s upcoming series finale? If Hugh Laurie‘s preview of the swan song is to be believed, the answer is a big fat yes.

In the following special edition of Spoiler Alert! — shot on location at the House wrap party — Laurie and his fellow co-stars open up for the first time about the top-secret plot of the May 21 capper, ominously titled “Everybody Dies.” But it’s Laurie’s rosy assessment of the episode that is likely to raise the most eyebrows — mostly because it stands in stark contrast to much of the cryptic intel that’s floating around out there.

But that’s not the only significant piece of scoop Spoiler Alert! correspondent Megan Masters uncovered at Friday’s event. Series creator David Shore drops a major spoiler about Thirteen’s return (“She ********es with House and Wilson,” he reveals), fellow comeback kid Amber Tamblyn teases Masters’ role in the finale, and Omar Epps hints at a rough road for Foreman leading up to the last episode.


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